Case Study
The Client that approached us is a Network Security Product Company. This company offers endpoint security arrangements. They are the forerunner and a leader in conveying unmatched insurance and permeability to each organize portion, gadgets, and machine.
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    The Network Security Company had a necessity for High Quality Leads (HQL)which would produce deals income inside a short time span. HQL is the best and most elevated changing over pay-for-execution leads. The client can support the viability of his/her outreach group and close more businesses and deals rapidly.

Our Approaches and Deliverables

  • Utilizing long periods of Lead Generation aptitude, Salesbie worked with the customer's outreach group to immediately set up the quality rules and focused on structure for HQLs.

  • Salesbie then, at that point, set up missions and cycles/frameworks for producing, checking, and characterizing leads as HQLs.


  • Salesbie created 781 HQLs to give to the Client's outreach group developing their pipeline income potential by every available ounce of effort inside a range of 11 months.

  • There was 100% increment in change rate on deals endeavours.