Our Intent Data Offering

We utilize intent data to determine when a prospective client is considering a purchase of your product/service or a competitive product/service. We do so by collating a wide scope of advanced sources including search, social media and publisher data.

Our Intent Data solution allows us to match your product to the exact person seeking it with consistently increasing accuracy

By leveraging Salesbie’s superior buyer intent data you guarantee your prospects will receive targeted messages for products/services they are in the market for at that time and gain valuable insight into each of your target accounts' buying cycles.

Freedom to focus on eDiscovery case management without the need to manage underlying eDiscovery technology.

  • To Inform and Enhance ABM
  • Drive Sales Growth/Reach Prospects
  • Convey Precise, Tailored, Personalized Messaging
  • More noteworthy Ad Targeting
  • Utilizing Intent to Drive Revenue

Identify And Target In-Market Prospects Showing Intent To Buy

We Track B2B User Behavior

Each month, millions of companies and users generate billions of interactions relating to thousands of topic; all while using disparate devices and platforms

We Gather Predictive Intent Signals To Reveal In-Market Buying Intent

This includes user interactions, behavior & feedback. These actions are tracked 24*7 across devices. We monitor multiple content types and experiences such as interviews, whitepapers, forms, webinars, infographics, videos, articles, site registrations. We do this by utilizing data from search, social and mobile applications.

The Result Is Increased Engagement

Salesbie tracks and models user behaviors that identify which companies are currently in-market, surging and actively engaged in researching your company, industry and/or product segment and predicts potential intent to take an action

Gathering Intent Signals Across The World

Salesbie collects intent signals from across the world. Our data is sourced from all 193 countries and 7 continents